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Equipment Hire

Great Value Equipment Packages:

Small PA +


Speeches, Background music, Announcements etc.
2 x 200W 12" Full Range Speakers
Mixer Amplifier
Microphone + Cable

PA + Lighting

Everything you need for a disco or party - Just add music!
1kW Speaker System
(with DSP control)
2 x VHF wireless mics
DJ Mixer with crossfader
Disco Lighting Kit
Solo Artist/

Musician PA

Everything you need for a small/medium sized venue!
1kW Speaker System
(with DSP control)
2 x Stage Monitors
1x Shure SM58 Vocal mic
1 x Active DI box
Mini Mixing Desk

Event PA

Perfect for bands, festival stages etc.
4kW Speaker System
(with DSP control)
Up to 4 Stage Monitors
Full Band Microphone Kit
X32 Digital Mixing Desk!


Make you event look professional!
8 x RGB LED ParCans
8 x Par Spotlights
LED Stage Uplighters
2 x DMX Dimmer Packs (4ch)
Avolites Lighting Software!


Perfect for theatre productions, conferences or singers.
From £30/Dayper system
Systems configurable with either Headset, Tie Clip or Handheld microphones
Up to 6 systems can be used simultaneously


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Please scroll down for more information about all the above packages.

All packages are for equipment hire only, please get in touch for a quote including setup and delivery.

If you're our hiring equipment for a band or live music event we recommend adding a sound engineer for £12.50/hour.

This will ensure the best possible sound for every member of the audience and allow you peace of mind when organising your event.


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Packages details: (please click to expand each section)

PA Package 1 - Speeches, Background Music, Announcements:

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Kam Z-12 12" Speaker2£8.00£24.00
Laney CD550 Mixer Amplifier1£8.00£24.00
t.bone MB85 microphone1£2.00£6.00
Speaker stands2£2.00£6.00
Microphone stand (tall)1£1.00£3.00
Jack Speaker cables2£2.00£6.00
XLR microphone cable1£0.50£1.50

Package Price: only £20 per day or £60 per week – Saving of up to £10.50!!

PA Package 2 - Discos, Parties, Smaller Events:

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Kam Z-12 12" Speaker2£8.00£24.00
Kam ZP-15S 15" Subwoofer2£8.00£24.00
Behringer iNuke 10001£12.00£36.00
Behringer Ultracurve DSP1£10.00£30.00
2U rack input mixer1£5.00£15.00
Soundlab DJ mixer1£5.00£15.00
Kam dual VHF wireless mics1£10.00£30.00
Speaker stands2£2.00£6.00
Speaker cables2£4.00£12.00
Soundlab LED moonflower2£10.00£30.00
RGB LED Flat DMX Par Can2£6.00£18.00
Red/Green Laser star projector1£4.00£12.00
Lighting Stand1£2.00£6.00

Package Price: only £70 per day or £210 per week – Saving of up to £48.00!!

PA Package 3 - Solo Artists/Musicians:

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Wharfedale Pro LX-122£16.00£48.00
Wedge Monitor Speakers2£10.00£30.00
Behringer iNuke 10001£12.00£36.00
Behringer iNuke 3000DSP1£15.00£45.00
Samson MDR624 or Alto 122FX Mixing Desk1£10.00£30.00
Sure SM58 Vocal Microphone1£4.00£12.00
Active DI Box1£3.00£9.00
Speaker stands2£2.00£6.00
Microphone Stand (tall)1£1.00£3.00
Speaker/Monitor cables4£8.00£24.00
XLR microphone cables2£1.00£3.00

Package Price: only £70 per day or £210 per week – Saving of up to £36.00!!

PA Package 4 - Bands, Large Events, Outdoor, Festival Stages:

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Wharfedale Pro LX-124£32.00£96.00
Proel/Fane Subs 18"2£12.00£36.00
Wedge Monitor Speakers4£20.00£60.00
Behringer iNuke 10001£12.00£36.00
Behringer iNuke 3000DSP1£15.00£45.00
Behringer iNuke 6000DSP1£20.00£60.00
Behringer X32 Compact1£60.00£180.00
Multicore reel1£12.00£36.00

Band Microphone Kit

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Shure SM58 (vocals)3£12.00£36.00
t.bone MB75 (guitar amps)2£4.00£12.00
Active DI box (bass/acc)2£6.00£18.00
Dual DI box (stereo keys)1£3.00£9.00
Drum mic kit1£12.00£36.00
Microphone stand (short)3£3.00£9.00
Microphone stand (tall)5£5.00£15.00
Speaker/Monitor cables6£12.00£36.00
XLR microphone cables15£7.50£22.50
Speaker stands2£2.00£6.00
Speaker stand forks2£2.00£6.00

Package Price: only £200 per day or £600 per week – Saving of up to £154.50!!

Band/Stage Lighting Package:

Item:Quantity:Total Price/Day:Total Price/Week:
Tri LED DMX Par Cans8£24.00£72.00
300W Par56 Cans (short nose)4£8.00£24.00
Showtec 4 channel Dimmer Pack2£10.00£30.00
Avolites Titan One PC Suite1£20.00£60.00
Lighting Stands4£10.00£30.00

Package Price: only £60 per day or £180 per week – Saving of up to £60.00!!